Phambili Tech Security Management Solutions

About Us

We Take Your Privacy, Safety and Security Seriously. Learn More About Us and Our Values.

Vision & Mission

We are a Gauteng-Based Security Solutions Company Started in 2021.

Our vision is to provide each client with a unique, tailor-made security solution that gives them peace of mind in everyday life. 

Our mission is to become a household brand name in Gauteng, later extending our footprint nationally and beyond. We aim to offer both individuals and commercial businesses:

  •  Holistic security solutions: using the latest leading-edge products and technology.
  •  Professional advice and guidance: for peace of mind.
  •  Service excellence: before, during and after every single encounter with a customer.
Our Story


  1.  PHAMBILI means ‘forward’ or ‘ahead’ – to represent a strategy of staying ahead of its competitors through offering the latest products and services available on the market.
  2.  PHAMBILI, as a Zulu word, is symbolic of our commitment to cultural diversification and equality in the workplace and on-site.


The core values of a company make up the basic principles that influence the way business is conducted. Phambili Tech Security Services holds the following values at the heart of everything it does:

P – Passion for People
H – Honesty
A – Accountability
M – Motivation
B -Balance
I – Integrity
L – Loyalty
I – Innovation